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Motorhome Hire FAQs

As hiring a motorhome gets more and more popular, many people are starting to enjoy this rather unique form of holiday. Motorhome hire is easy, straightforward and if you've got a full British driving license, anyone can hire a vehicle. With budget 2 berth vehicles up to luxury 6 berth motorhomes, there's a great deal of range. However, if you've never hired a motorhome before, you're probably stuck wondering if it's right for you. If you need some quick guidance, take a look at our Motorhome hire FAQS below to help answer your questions.

How Big Are Motorhomes?

Typically, motorhomes are based on van chassis, which means while they're bigger and wider than a car, your typical motorhome isn't a great deal bigger than van. This means it's a breeze to drive with the likes of power assisted steering etc. The only thing to be aware of is the height of the vehicle, and it's important to check out the company's Motorhome hire FAQS first.

Motorhome Hire Seems Expensive?

Motorhome hire is nowhere near as expensive as you'd think. While hiring a motorhome may seem like a lot of money, you simply pay for the vehicle instead of per person in a hotel. The only other cost is going to be petrol and also cooking gas if you need to fill it up. There may be fees to pay at camping grounds also so check out the Motorhome hire FAQS first.

Where Can I Go With a Motorhome?

It's possible to go almost anywhere within the UK and Europe with a motorhome. Different companies have different policies, so it's important to check in advance to ensure that you're fully covered by looking at the Motorhome hire FAQS, and asking the company first.

How Many People Can Come Along?

With a motorhome you can transport as many people as there are seatbelts. The only rule is that you have as many seatbelts as you do passengers so that everyone can travel safely.

Is It Hard to Drive a Motorhome?

Driving a motorhome is a lot easier than you'd think. Anyone can drive a motorhome as long as they're 25 or over, and they have a full UK driving license. Motorhomes have power-assisted steering and many vehicles come with reversing aids as well. For more information check out the hire companies Motorhome hire FAQS.

Is it Hard to Maintain a Motorhome?

Taking care of a motorhome is actually really straightforward and the company should walk you through it with initial Motorhome hire FAQS when you go to pick up the vehicle. Essentially the vehicle is fully insured and covered so that if it breaks down you don't need to worry. All you're responsible for is ensuring the waste tank is emptied and that you don't run out of petrol!

As you can see from our Motorhome hire FAQs It's really easy to hire a motorhome. In fact, anyone can do it as it gives you the chance to experience the ultimate holiday. The great thing is you're in the driving seat, and your holiday can go wherever you want it to!

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